Friday, May 28, 2010

Some of my New (to me) Furniture....

I have been extremely behind about posting.. And today at work it's been relatively slow SO I'm going to catch up a bit.. Recently I've picked up some new, yet well-worn-in, furniture pieces.. Because of this my house is filled almost to capacity. I MUST have a yard sale soon! Some of the pieces I've gotten are a roll-top desk, antique buffet, clawfoot side tables, and a new coffee table.. Now the coffee table isnt really supposed to BE a coffee table.. It's too tall.. BUT I love it.. It was literally Love at First Sight.. I did not hesitate to get it at all.. It was $29, and it is absolutely one of my favorite pieces EVER!

I dont have pics of the clawfoot tables yet. Im going to re-do those so Im waiting on that.. But Ive got pics of the rest :)

Dont pay attention to the moving everything around! :)

I love the buffet and all it's old scratches.. The one thing I do NOT love is the smoke smell.. it's awful. I had to wipe it down with pure white vinegar.. But inside the drawers.. well.. there are no words.. I have wiped them out with vinegar... it helped a bit.. then I sprayed them down with vinegar and lemon juice.. it helped a bit.. but the smell is still there.. it's driving me insane because I want to use it!!! I think Im going to have to just rip the velvet lining out of the one drawer and spray them all again with vinegar and lemon juice.. Maybe that will help.. I assure you that candleabra has all red candles now lol

The desk rolls really well and i love the little cubbies inside it.. It will work great with my laptop!

And finally.. My awesome, fabulous, new coffee table.. *sigh* Yes, it's true love.. I love the curves and the legs and unique details.. Pay no attention to the rug or the mess lol

I'm going to that yard sale next weekend and I cannot wait! Im hoping to find bargains galore.. Ive got a whole LIST of things Im looking for lol.. it's sad really.. But topping the list is dining chairs, a rug for my livingroom, mirrors, anything with peacocks, and a cool looking chest of drawers for my bedroom. Wish me luck and few trips in my car lol!

Monday, May 24, 2010

90 Mile Dixie Highway Yard Sale (Georgia)

I got a second to pop on at work and figured I would send out a note about an upcoming,glorious event here in Georgia-the 90 Mile Dixie highway yard sale.. It's June 4-6 this year and follows highway 41 (Dixie Highway) here in Georgia.. It's always been great fun.. If you live near Georgia you should come on out!! My friend Kim is flying down this year from Seattle and she will be here for the Yard Sale!!!! (she hasnt been here since 2001)..YAY..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Update. Not Around As Much...

Hey there. I havent been around as much lately.. They moved me from night shft to day shift. They finally did away with night shift. I am not sure how long day shift will even last. Maybe two weeks, maybe two months..

I applied for a customer Service job at my company and Ive already had my working assessment and my interview. I should know whether or not I get the job by next week.. But if I do get it, there wont be a lot of extra time.. I will work 12 noon til 9 pm and I will have a 45 minute commute each way.

I am hoping that I can find a better job somewhere else, even if it means leaving a company where I have ten years seniority. The company I work for has really just stopped valuing people and is basically cutthroat these days.. Wish me luck!