Friday, May 28, 2010

Some of my New (to me) Furniture....

I have been extremely behind about posting.. And today at work it's been relatively slow SO I'm going to catch up a bit.. Recently I've picked up some new, yet well-worn-in, furniture pieces.. Because of this my house is filled almost to capacity. I MUST have a yard sale soon! Some of the pieces I've gotten are a roll-top desk, antique buffet, clawfoot side tables, and a new coffee table.. Now the coffee table isnt really supposed to BE a coffee table.. It's too tall.. BUT I love it.. It was literally Love at First Sight.. I did not hesitate to get it at all.. It was $29, and it is absolutely one of my favorite pieces EVER!

I dont have pics of the clawfoot tables yet. Im going to re-do those so Im waiting on that.. But Ive got pics of the rest :)

Dont pay attention to the moving everything around! :)

I love the buffet and all it's old scratches.. The one thing I do NOT love is the smoke smell.. it's awful. I had to wipe it down with pure white vinegar.. But inside the drawers.. well.. there are no words.. I have wiped them out with vinegar... it helped a bit.. then I sprayed them down with vinegar and lemon juice.. it helped a bit.. but the smell is still there.. it's driving me insane because I want to use it!!! I think Im going to have to just rip the velvet lining out of the one drawer and spray them all again with vinegar and lemon juice.. Maybe that will help.. I assure you that candleabra has all red candles now lol

The desk rolls really well and i love the little cubbies inside it.. It will work great with my laptop!

And finally.. My awesome, fabulous, new coffee table.. *sigh* Yes, it's true love.. I love the curves and the legs and unique details.. Pay no attention to the rug or the mess lol

I'm going to that yard sale next weekend and I cannot wait! Im hoping to find bargains galore.. Ive got a whole LIST of things Im looking for lol.. it's sad really.. But topping the list is dining chairs, a rug for my livingroom, mirrors, anything with peacocks, and a cool looking chest of drawers for my bedroom. Wish me luck and few trips in my car lol!

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  1. Line the drawers with newspaper and dump charcoal briquettes (sp) in there and leave them for a week or so - should get rid of the smoke smell! Just make sure you don't get the kind that already have the lighter fluid in them :-) that would be bad. Coffee helps too - hubby and I don't drink coffee, but I keep a container just to have the coffee grounds available for de-stinking things!

    LOVE the coffee table!