Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Have a Shameful Admission...

I feel like I am betraying my beloved house as I type this, but I have to come to terms with this.. I hate my kitchen.. *sigh*.. I love everything about my house except the kitchen and the laundry area, but the kitchen is killing me. I have cooked two days in a row and I am already just "over it".

The kitchen itself is large. It has a lot of floor space and a TON of lower cabinets.. But it only has 4 upper cabinets total.. This is driving me bonkers. Having a bad back, i loathe bottom cabinets. I like to keep everything up in the top cabinets so I can get it when I need it, hurting or not. See my problem?

Now I have big plans to take a nice chest of drawers and make it into a rolling island, but until I find a good piece that I can work with AND afford, I am out of luck.

Also, as far as pleasing-looking kitchens go, mine is at the bottom of the barrel. I really dont like the look of it.. The stove is old (and it's a rental so I dont want to pay to replace it... yeah I know... I need to shut up then right?), the laminate countertops have some deep scratches, and it has linoleum!!! Not just any linoleum, no sir.. WHITE... solid white.. (sorry to you white loving ladies, but white is the bane of my existance)..

I do intend to change out the flooring, but any ideas what I could do for the stove and countertops?? Help me ladies... I'm begging..

No crafting for a bit....

Well as my luck would have it, on the way home from the grocery store on Thursday, an idiot ran a red light and barrelled into me! Air bags deployed, car went sideways, head flew back, and somehow my arm was injured.. again.. This is the second car accident where my left arm has been hurt, though not as bad this time. They carted me off to the hospital and apparantly it's sprained and something is wrong with the nerves. It's bruised up badly, and I cant feel my pinky and the finger next to it.. BUT the worst thing is I think my baby car is totalled. I love my car *sigh* but Im afraid it's gone to Honda heaven. Now I am left with nothing but headaches (literally and figuratively).. They are giving me the run-around about a rental car so I am having to bum a ride to work.. It's very frustrating. Not to mention the pain.. So I guess I wont be crafting for a week or two.. or until we can get my hand/wrist/arm figured out..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Been Thrifting again! And another trip to the auction!

Last week, Kayla stayed the entire week with me and we hit up several thrift stores in Rome, GA.. We ended up finding the most at the Re-store and at a little thrift store on Shorter Avenue.. Most of what I got was glass! Then, Saturday night my friends and I went to the monthly antique and collectibles auction here in Calhoun.. We had so much fun, as usual.. I just couldnt wait to show you my pretties!

When we were thrifting, I started to run into a lot of those cute little jars with the lids for really cheap.. I figured I could make them into small apothecary jars, so I got more glass candlesticks too as I found them. I paid from between 50 cents to $1.49 for each jar, but no more than that!

I had also been looking for a small decanter for mouthwash for my bathroom.. I found one of those cute glass salad dressing bottles for 50 cents and I think it works great.. Also a pretty little glass to go along with it for 35 cents..

At the auction on Saturday, I didn't buy a lot BUT what I bought was awesome! I only spent $62, including tax and fees, and I got a mini crystal chendelier for my bathroom, a picture/sconce, an open-back frame, and a set of coffee and end tables that need some TLC.

The chandelier is perfect for my bathroom. It is a small brass chandelier with crystals all over it. It's VERY heavy and has beautiful details. I ended up spending most of my money for it, at $40.

The coffee and end table set needed a lot of work BUT they had GREAT legs and I got the whole set for $10!

The frame is oval and a hideous color of green BUT it has GREAT details and is very heavy wood.. I got it for $3.

And last but not least, I got a really pretty picture of roses that has a sconce on it. The auctioneer went down to $1 and no one bid, so he asked if anyone wanted it for free!! Hello, me!!! I shot my number up fast. You cant beat free! I plan to change the gold to silver and put it in my bedroom since the other colors all match..I'd say it was a pretty good week!

I've been working with Epoxy and glass!

Friday night I was in complete craft mode, even though my craft room is still a complete wreck! I had bought quite a bit of glassware and ten millino candleholders so I figured I would whip up a few things with them.. I ended up making a footed bowl (no pic), a footed candy dish, 2 hurricanes, 2 footed candle holders, a really cool cake stand, and another footed bowl for my mother (no pic)! Sorry that the pics arent great, but I hope you like what you see anyway.. I think my favorite is the cake stand!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Small Thrifting Trip

Today kayla and I went to the Re-Store in Cartersville again to check out what they had... I ended up getting a 16x20 frame for $4, two candlesticks, two little silver bowls? for 50 cents each, and a peacock earring holder for $2.00!!!!! I could not resist the peacock!! I had to have it,even if it IS a bright gold color.. It will be silver soon enough *hehe*. I don't think I will be using it as an earring holder either, but the little holes in it make it look like they're the peacock eyes! I love it! I only took pics of the little vintage silver bowl things and the peacock. Here's my thrifty treasures for today!

Monday, February 15, 2010

WOW! My Most Thrifty Treasure EVER!!!!!

My best bud kay and I went to the Goodwill store in Marietta,GA on Friday and WOW did I ever find a deal.. I spotted the scarves (one of my new obsessions) so I went on over to check them out.. the first one I found that I loved turned out to be a YSL... That's right... a silk Yves Saint Laurent Scarf for $1.10!!!!!!~ First my mouth gaped open like I was a crazy person, then I ran over and scared Kay to death as I thrust the scarf into her face (I also had to explain to her what Yves Saint Laurent IS lol.. You must forgive her.. she's not into designer), and after all this was done I did the happy dance in the middle of Goodwill! lol Here's some pictures of my beeeeeautiful new designer scarf!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Silver Sunday.. My First Post!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

I've been holding out some of my goodies for this one.. I got some new (old) things on my adventures the past few weeks..

I got these little silver heart earring stands as Valentine gifts.. I thought they were precious and for 50 cents each I couldn't pass them up! Both were just alike.

I got this heart and rose earring holder at the same little booth in a place called Heart's Desire here in Calhoun.. It says $1.50 on it but everything was half off, so for 75 cents I got this great little earring hold. It has a mirror in the top heart!!

I found two of these really small candle sconces at the Salvation army last week for 29 cents each!

I got this pretty little silver tray at the Salvation Army the same day for $1.99.. It's tarnished to perfection.

Here's the beautiful little dish my friend Kay bought me at Goodwill this week! I just love all the fancy little details around it.

I also found these next two pretty trays at Goodwill for a decent deal..

FREE.. Is there anything better?

My lovely friend Kay has been extremely good to me this week.. She went thrift and antique shopping with me in the snow, AND She brought me goodies!!! She also bought me this really lovely silver dish at Goodwill. I will post it in my Silver Sunday post.And I got a mirror and a cool old security key (we both do security) for FREE!!
Wont this mirror be pretty once it's painted black?

I think my key is pretty perfect as-is!

And we can't forget the snow pics from our trip!!!! We went to Marietta and it was a lot worse there than it was here in Calhoun..