Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Back!

Well, I'm back.. Very anti-climactic, I know. I have been MIA because I got laid off.. They had said it would be several weeks before we got laid off, but then called that same week on Wednesday and said "OK well, tomorrow is your last day.. you're going to be laid off." That's right.. One days notice. Nice huh? Anyway, I didnt have the net at home but I'm back up and running now.. My old trusty laptop hadnt been fired up in a year but it's working just fine. So yes, I'm back..

In the time I was gone a lot has happened. I found the perfect dining chairs for my set.. I had a yard sale and sold everything but about 3 things.. go me! lol And now I am moping around my house because I am bored and I have no money and no job.. Ahhhh, Isnt life grand? Anywayyyyyy, I've got resumes and applications in everywhere. I am trying to stay positive, though when I get bored that is not easy to do.

So here's my goals for myself while I have no job:

1. Clean and arrange my house (this is easier said than done since I have two bad hands and cant move things well.. I HAVE, however, discovered that putting something on a rug and sliding it works halfway well lol

2. Finish un-done craft projects.. this is including covering aforementioned dining chairs and paining everything that's ben left unpainted.

3. Do not wallow in self-pity.. Maybe this should be #1.. Admittedly, Ive been wallowing.. No job, no money, no friends in town.. No! Must not wallow...

4. Think about what I want to be when I grow up.. This one has eluded me for years.

5. Catch up on reading.. I havent read a book in ages.. I need to sit my bum down and read something good.. My friend April brought me the "Olympians" series.

6. Remember these goals and actually DO them..

7. Have another yard sale to clear out more clutter.

Does anyone else have anymore suggestions for anti-boredom? Because I'm open! lol

I missed everyone and I'm sure I missed lots of good blogs.. Maybe I should make that #8..

8. Catch up on blogs that I missed while away and post pics of my projects when I finish.

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