Saturday, July 17, 2010

Goodwill Chaos..

They opened a new Goodwill near me, in Cartersville,GA. My friend Kay and I went down there for the opening. We got there at about 9am and it was so crowded that we could barely find a place to park! It got worse once we got inside the store..

It was complete MADNESS in there! People were everywhere! There were so many people that you could not walk..Everyone pushing, shoving.. It was terrible.. And they had no room to put all the furniture. They were bringing out pieces, waiting til they had sold, then replacing them from their stores in the back.

The first thing I picked up I broke! It was a beautiful jar. My favorite thing in the entire store. But just as I picked it up a lady knocked into me and it went flying. It broke all over my foot and it cut my hand. Goodwill workers converged on me immediately to make sure I was ok.. Blood everywhere from a tiny, tiny cut.. LOL it was horrible..

Then I finally made my way to the book section.. There was this man and woman with two FULL carts blocking the entire row. They were taking some sort of scanner and scanning the books to see what they were worth online! Well, they must have thought they OWNED that row, because the woman in the duo literally SHOVED me into an elderly woman.. intentionally.. Now my temper has cooled a lot but I got mad.. I rammed her with my shoulder lol She went flying back and needless to say, when she looked up and saw the look on MY face, she went the other way.. What is WRONG with people nowadays?

I did end up finding one good thing. I love it.. When I was carrying it around, people kept commenting on how pretty it was. I got a silver plated cake stand!!!! Not sure exactly what Im going to do with it yet, but isnt it great?

I am in the process of working on my dining chairs right now-covering them. Only two done so far, but me and Kay are working on them again in the morning. The fabric is horrible to work with, but gorgeous. I'm almost finished with my dining room. It has really come together. Once I get it all fixed ill post pics.. Dining chair pics to come soon!


  1. Oh, some people can be rather viscious when it comes to getting a deal! I' glad you showed her what-for, anyway.

    I was just at our Goodwill this afternoon with my son, but it was quite empty. I went to drop off a box of items I no longer use and then went inside to look around. I usually do well there, but today I didn't find anything.

    I hope the next time you go back, the crowds will have dispersed.


  2. I have a former student who works for Goodwill's corporate office. She just mentioned that they opened that Goodwill.

    Good gracious, what is wrong with people!

    Your cakeplate is very pretty!