Saturday, January 22, 2011

Modern Furniture..

What do you think? Do you like modern furniture? I am generally attracted to vintage-inspired furniture or things with a rounded shape.. I like circles :) But I ran across this chair at and I am loving it.

While it's not traditionally vintage-inspired, it DOES remind me of the old slipper chairs. I LOVE those.. Normally I like a chair with arms also, but these are wide seated and usually just downright comfy.. Also, I find them good when you have a room full of people. You can turn to whichever side you want to have a conversation without an arm in the way to keep you from turning. And the modern, bright pattern is fresh for a room that's mostly sort of "old fashioned".

I've been thinking about chairs for a while now. When I get moved I want to get a couple new ones. These will definitely stay in my mind.


  1. I do indeed like that chair! I love the great two-tone graphic print and the slipcover look. My mom has a fantastic and bold bird patterned wingback chair that is in great turquoise and olive greens. It just makes me smile to see it! (And marvel at the upholsstry job done by whoever made the slipcover!)
    Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog! I really appreciate it!

  2. i LOVE this chair! i neeed new furniture bad. specially a new sofa. this is so pretty and will light up any dull mood! have a fun weekend hun!