Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Missing in Action....

Whew... I havent been here in ages. I know I've been missing in action, but my life has been crazy. My once perfect house has turned evil on me. Actually it's my landlord who is evil, but I digress.

My air was basically out all summer. My landlord kept sending his "friends" to fix it and it never got fixed. Finally he called someone else and he fixed it the first time.... at the end of August.. Wow thanks! Because of this my house ran between 78 and 88 degrees and my power bills ran close to $350 a month. This is very bad news for someone on Unemployment.

THEN just as the air got fixed, the roof started leaking... on my bed. YAY! Its October, and for the record, it's STILL LEAKING! They are supposed to put a new roof on but Ive yet to see these phantom roofers.

While I was searching for more leaks I discovered that everything in both my hall closets was molded.. everything.. bedding, suitcase, leather jacket, every piece of winter clothing I own.. all my dressy coats... gone.. Because my landlord forgot to tell me there were water pipes and AC ducts behind the walls and I shouldnt use those closets.. Well he neglected to tell me this.. Plus what good is a closet you cant use right?

And during all of this I am beating the pavement trying to get a job. No such luck. Every interview Ive been called for has been in Tennessee, not even in Georgia.. Plus ive gone through several interviews just to be not hired in the end. Im very frustrated. Ive done everything right. My resume is good, Ive taken the Georgia Work Keys exam and made two Platinums and a Gold, Ive got more resumes out there than a picnic has ants.. I just dont know what else to do. I even signed up for the Georgia Works training program, but dont have anyone training me yet. Apparantly you have to have experience to get the jobs. I guess they dont know the meaning of a training program.. So yeah! VERY frustrated..

Add into this that I'm bi-polar and didnt have any of my meds because I lost my insurance (Who can afford $700 a month for one pill?) and you've got the makings of a VERY crazy few months..

I need to move because my perfect house has turned out to be falling apart and my landlord wont fix it.. But who can move without a job? Just call me "Out of Luck"..

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  1. oh my goodness, that is ridiculous about your landlord! all those adds up to not being right. something should be *done*. argh. i'm angry on your behalf!