Sunday, November 21, 2010

What are you into this season?

I guess this is a decorating AND fashion post.. I was just wondering what kinds of things everyone is into this year?

Right now I am in Full-on jewelry mode, and it's all about vintage for me. And vintage-inspired. I'm crushing on watches... I used to LOVE LOVE watches. Now that Ive had surgery on both my hands I find it harder to wear them because they bother my scars.. Oddly enough though, bracelets dont bother me.. So when I saw this bracelet on Victorian Trading Company that's made from watches I fell in love.. I've gathered up watch parts and I will post pics once I've made mine. I'm also all about watch parts, doilies, buttons (this one isnt a new thing either), and anything inspired by Anthropoligie's jewelry line. I cant afford their pieces, so Ill be making mine.

As far as clothing, I'm really liking dresses these days. I havent worn dresses in years really, but with the prospective new jobs, Id like to start wearing more dresses. Also, ive usually always stuck to black, red, purple, burgundy, and grey.. I need to branch out a little.. Right now I like the color Camel. I HATE brown. Ive always hated brown, but Camel seems a nice neutral brown.. And looks good with black..

Now as far as decorating, Im LOVING silver mercury glass. My mother bought me several pieces for Cmas this year.. There seems to be tons of it in stores around this time, and that suits me just fine.

So what things are you enjoying? :) Id love to hear.

If you dont wanna post on here you can email me at and tell me :)

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  1. I am in love with mercury glass also! I recently purchased a gorgeous pair of mercury glass lamps, I hope to add more to my decor soon!