Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Target Clearance. WOW!

Well I went to Cartersville, GA today with my best friend and her daughter.. We stopped in at Target and WOW! They had trench coats for 75% off! So I branched out! I did it! I got a khaki one and one thats brown (kinda like a brown black mix) with burgundy and camel color accents.. for $13.50 each!!!!! for less than $29.00 I got TWO TRENCH COATS!!!!! I now have my friend Amber in Chattanooga on the lookout for a black one. They didnt have a black in my size in Cartersville! I am making good use of my Cmas money from my mother :)

I recommend you go check it out. they had a lot of cute things on clearance.. I hope you find a good deal like I did!!!!


  1. Still looking for one but have not seen any. :)

  2. Yeah Amber the Chattanooga Target didnt have any... And that's a shame. I wanted a black one :)