Monday, December 14, 2009

My Thrifty Fabulous **Find** for November..

Last month I was going Thrifting and antiquing in Cartersville, Kennesaw, and Marietta with high hopes for a new mirror. I have a mirror obsession. It may be a sickness really, but I digress.. Knowing that I was going in search of bargains, my sweet, lovely mother gave me $40 to spend on myself! She does this quite a bit. She's just like me and loves buying things for people and giving them things.. So I take my money and head off on my adventure..

When I pull up to the parking lot at the Classy Flea on Roswell Rd in Marietta I immediately notice this HUGE black mirror outside on the sidewalk where they usually have the bargains.. Still, I can't imagine that I can afford that mirror. Mirrors THAT size usually cost more than I can spare.. When I got up to the mirror I noticed the beautiful elaborate details on the corners (which is something I adore) and then I notice the price.. $50.. what? $50? I looked at it for a while to make sure my eyes weren't betraying me.. It even said "large black mirror $50".. Still... I kept staring... THEN I started looking the mirror over for the problem.. I couldnt find one.. It even had a beveled mirror! I went inside and up to the counter, sure that when I told them what I wanted they would say it was a mistake.. But nope.. it was right.. They even loaded it into my car!!!!! I was hoping that it fit because I didnt want them to have time to realize they might have made a mistake or something.. lol... So here it is in all its glory.. My $50 fabulous mirror..

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