Monday, December 14, 2009

My Thrifty ~Find~ for December...

Sunday afternoon my friends were coming up from Cartersville to help do a few things around my new house... It was their first trip there so I was basically killing some time in town waiting for them to get there.. The new house, having no furniture yet, was NOT a good place to hang around.. And the porch is wonderful and has places to sit,but not in the rain... So Kayla and I went to the Antique mall over on Red Bud rd here in Calhoun to look around a bit and found my thrifty deal for the month! (also found out some interesting info, but I will pass that along later)..

We were walking through the booths and not a lot was catching my eye when all of a sudden a fleur de lis popped out at me from behind a mountain of other things.. (I have fleur de lis radar, for those of you who dont know lol).. I dug through the stuff to find this awesome. if slightly rusting, iron fireplace surround buried behind a mountain of junk... It wasn't huge but the fireplaces in my place arent huge either.. It has GREAT details (and a fleur de lis) and when I looked at the price I fell in love! It was only $12~~~!

Since I was moving, I did go back and forth about it a bit.. Only $12 but still, I'm moving.. But only $12.. And awesome.. and would probably fit great! So with a bit of nudging from kayla, and a promise that I could return it if it didnt fit, I got it and took it to my new home.. And guess what.. It's a PERFECT fit.. to the very INCH! It was just meant to be :) And with a little love from me, it's going to be fabulous!! So without further adieu, here's my lovely fireplace surround!!

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