Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Re-paint of a resin picture frame...

I had been looking for a 4x4 frame for a picture of my mother and me but had no luck finding one. One day I ran across one at Hobby Lobby for half off, but it was the wrong colors. It was a rust color trimmed in gold. Since I like to paint I figured that I could make it fit into my burgundy and black color scheme pretty easily.

Needed for this project: Burgundy acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, sandpaper, and paint brushes, spray sealant (I used matte) .

I removed the glass and lightly sanded the paint on the frame..Then I painted the entire thing burgundy and let it dry completely..

I took my black paint and a shading brush and used a dry brush technique to get the black onto the raised detailed edges.

Once the paint was dry, I took the frame outside ( or you can take it to a well ventilated area) and sprayed it all over with spray sealant. I then let this dry. After that all I had to do was cut my picture down to size, re-add the glass and my picture, and I was all done.

Here's the frame after I added a pic of me and mi madre!! (Note to self: Learn to take better pics)


To dry brush, get a dab of paint on your stiff brush then brush most of the paint off onto a piece of paper or similar until you have just enough to acheive your desired effect... Too Much paint on the brush can have a negative effect so it's better to start out with less paint.. you can always add a bit more.

Note: Dry brush all the detailing until you have the look that you want then let it dry. It won't take as long to dry from the dry brushing as it did from the painting.


  1. LOVE it! It totally reminds me of a deep red rose. Thanks for joining the Power of Paint Party (POPP).