Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Early Birthday to Me!~ lol

Well, this Saturday is my birthday.. yes, I am getting older.. I guess I don't mind it as long as I don't look my age! (And if I do, please dont ruin my fantasy life lol).. Anyhoo, my mother always spoils me.. This year she has outdone herself!! She got me just what I wanted- an early 1900s double clawfoot kitchen table!!

I saw this little beauty online at Rethunk Junk, a cool site run by a local woman who redoes furniture and such.. I lusted over it.. I pined for it.. I longed and wished and finally mentioned it to my mother in passing.. That was all it took.. 3 days later there was a check in my mailbox for the table!!! (Did I mention that my mother is awesome and spoils me rotten?) Now I have this lovely table for my new house AND I get the fun of picking out and re-doing "project" chairs for it YAY!

And in typical Pam fashion, I also bought myself a birthday gift.. er... uh.. gifts.. Yes, I am shameless.. I finally bought myself a headboard! and a mirror *coughs* yes... another mirror.. I just cant help myself.. It was too beautiful to pass up and such a bargain at $27!

All in all I think it's been a Happy Early Birthday for me!

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  1. That table is amazing, and from the sounds of it so is your mom. I wish I lived by Rethunk Junk!