Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Pictures of Rooms that I Love...

I spend a lot of time looking online and at magazines (I have a magazine problem.. lol). I found these beautiful rooms over at Country Living.. All of these rooms have things that I love in them.. Mirrors, of course, are a common theme among them.

This one has two things that I crave- mirrors and crystals. I absolutely LOVE this huge mirror as a headboard.. It adds such depth and glamour to the room.. I also love the chandelier!

This room comes from one of my favorite issues of Country Living and is a lot more shabby chic. What I love about it are the ornate details (White is definitely not my color)- The canopy, the amazing headboard, the pearls, the mirror over the desk..It's very chic.

Again, overlooking the white, I love the mirror and the mirrored details on the armoire, All the little fancy details on the furniture, and an amazing chandelier~!

In this one I love how the mantle is layered with mirrors and vases, and I love all the detailing on the mantle!!


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  2. I love the third picture best. But they're all beautiful.