Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Few of my Auction Goodies!

I am finally getting around to posting pics of a few of my auction goodies that I got on my birthday.. I will try to post the rest of them sometime this week, along with allll the goodies I got on my thrifting adventure. here are a few of them..

I originally bought this mirror with intentions of repainting it. But after I have had it for a while I cannot bear to paint over it! I am going to add it to the antique gold decor of my bathroom! I LOVE those marvelous details!

This gold shelf was bought in a lot.. I got this shelf and a vintage brass HUGE magazine stand for $2. The color is not great but the details are awesome!! It will look GREAT after a nice paint job.

I got two of these chandeliers, just alike, for $1.00!! Of course the brass is hideous, but after a nice overhaul it will look great I think. Ive already bought some parts to spruce it up!

This is the lovely little table that my friends, April and Kevin, got me at the auction! These pics do NOT do it justice at all. The details are amazing and I plan to find it a nice spot in my bedroom.


  1. great finds at the auction. That table is cute cute cute.

  2. Love the mirror! Can't wait to see what you do with the chandy's.

  3. Great finds! Love them, can't wait to see the transformations!

  4. Where do you find these amazing pieces for so cheap? I need to come shopping with you!!! Just beautiful!