Monday, January 25, 2010

Similar for A LOT less!

Before I started blogging I had never heard of Ballard designs! I know that some of you are probably thinking that I must be mistaken, but it's very true.. BUT after seeing all the things all the bloggers had recreated from there I started frequenting their site and even requested a catalog..

Given my mirror obsession, I immediately feel in love withthis mirror. It would look Ab-Fab over my mantle!! However, given the price and my thrifty ways, there's no way I would ever buy it.. Anyway, days later I was looking on the IKEA site and I found this mirror. Dont they look very similar?? And given the price different (over $100 versus $29.99), I MAY have to go with the Ikea mirror.. I dont know though.. They are both beautiful.. Oh the dilemma..

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