Sunday, February 14, 2010

Handmade Wine Coasters!!!

My friends April and Kevin have a wine theme going in their diningroom, to which I am a major contributor at this point lol. So for Valentine's Day I made April some homemade wine coasters.

First off I went looking for wine pictures! I found a large wine calender at the Dollar Tree.. Cheap and nice images=score.. I pulled out the 6 images I liked best and took them to Office Depot for color copies that were just a bit smaller than 4x4..

Next I went to Lowes and got the plain white 4x4 tiles like they use to tile the bathroom.. They are really cheap. I think I paid about 20 cents each for them. The nice man at Lowes who helped me that day with my big list seemed to be in awe of the things I was buying LOL and he kept asking questions about what I was making.. But I digress... Here is what my little white tile looked like before I started.

Anyhoo, I went home and cut out my images... then I got out my mod podge and my Triple thick and went to work.. I put the mod podge on the tiles and on the back of the image and then smoothed the images onto my tiles.. After that I took my triple thick and put generous amounts on top of my paper images and on the sides of the tiles to seal them. I let them dry overnight and viola!!!

I only took pics of my favorite 3 images (I know, I know, I'm a slacker).. I think the one of the corks is my favorite!!

The triple thick costs about $5.99 for a small jar but you could probably make 5 or 6 sets of coasters our of it.. The Mod Podge I had on hand.. The printing coast me a couple dollars.. So estimating, I got a set of 6 coasters for about $5. A ll in all this is a very inexpensive way to customize your own coasters. By the way, April LOVED hers! YAY!

The Girl Creative