Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Thrifty Goodness....

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Calhoun, where I live, has quite a few thrift stores considering it's such a small town.. We have Junk in the Trunk, Whittles, Yes We Can, Providence Ministries, The Vac, Heart's Desire, A new one that I can never remember the name of, Hankey Pankeys, and a couple that I havent even been to yet. We also have two antique malls. I go to the auction at one of them and get lots of cheapies there. Also just 7 miles down the road there's 3 more antique and thrift stores. So all in all it's a lot.. Anyhoo, in my trips around town this week I got those WONDERFUL vintage turquoise and silver dishes as well as many other treasures.. Here's some things I picked up on my rounds at the various stores.. (I also got another SUPER HEAVY vintage bundt cake pan for $2..not pictured)
This cool little glass guy was only 25 cents. Im not sure WHAT it is but I liked the shape and it looks good with my red rocks in it.
This little silver bird was 50 whole cents and only lends into my silver obsession.
This little guy cost me about 95 cents buthe was worth it..He's going to look great silver!
I loved the contrast between the aged look on the basket and the decorative iron details on the handle. AND it was only $1.50.
This cute little turquoise and silver cup was the only one I could find but he was only 25 cents so I thought I could make a candle out of him!
I have this thing for stainless steel and aluminum vases. I found two of these little dudes for $1.00 each..
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shelf! The decorative details are amazing and it was only $1.00!! I love how the little feet curve back around to the wall.. It will look great after a nice paint job!
And last, but not least, another little saucer/plate. You cant see the design as well in this pic but it does not do it justice.. I got this little baby for $1.00..

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