Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Been Thrifting again! And another trip to the auction!

Last week, Kayla stayed the entire week with me and we hit up several thrift stores in Rome, GA.. We ended up finding the most at the Re-store and at a little thrift store on Shorter Avenue.. Most of what I got was glass! Then, Saturday night my friends and I went to the monthly antique and collectibles auction here in Calhoun.. We had so much fun, as usual.. I just couldnt wait to show you my pretties!

When we were thrifting, I started to run into a lot of those cute little jars with the lids for really cheap.. I figured I could make them into small apothecary jars, so I got more glass candlesticks too as I found them. I paid from between 50 cents to $1.49 for each jar, but no more than that!

I had also been looking for a small decanter for mouthwash for my bathroom.. I found one of those cute glass salad dressing bottles for 50 cents and I think it works great.. Also a pretty little glass to go along with it for 35 cents..

At the auction on Saturday, I didn't buy a lot BUT what I bought was awesome! I only spent $62, including tax and fees, and I got a mini crystal chendelier for my bathroom, a picture/sconce, an open-back frame, and a set of coffee and end tables that need some TLC.

The chandelier is perfect for my bathroom. It is a small brass chandelier with crystals all over it. It's VERY heavy and has beautiful details. I ended up spending most of my money for it, at $40.

The coffee and end table set needed a lot of work BUT they had GREAT legs and I got the whole set for $10!

The frame is oval and a hideous color of green BUT it has GREAT details and is very heavy wood.. I got it for $3.

And last but not least, I got a really pretty picture of roses that has a sconce on it. The auctioneer went down to $1 and no one bid, so he asked if anyone wanted it for free!! Hello, me!!! I shot my number up fast. You cant beat free! I plan to change the gold to silver and put it in my bedroom since the other colors all match..I'd say it was a pretty good week!


  1. Excellent stuff! You did good. The chandelier is to die for.

  2. Nice! I'm pretty sure I have an almost identical chandelier that I trash picked years ago! Someone was gutting an old (well 60s/70s) house on the lake and they put 2 chandeliers and a double swag lamp with frosted "pine cone" looking globes out for the trash. I grabbed all 3. They're in my storage unit waiting for the right place to be hung. Good finds!