Thursday, February 4, 2010

My First Trip to a Re-Store..

Decor Mamma
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After hearing the ladies online here talking about Re-Store for Habitat for Humanity, I got online and began to look for one in my area. I found a couple within close driving distance. On my thrifting adventure last weekend I found quite a few treasures at Re-Store.. Initially, I found some things to be a bit expensive for a thrift store, but once I looked deeper I found some bargains.. PLUS they were having a 50% off everything sale! Total score!~ I ended up with a BIG bag full for about $6.50!!!! here's some of my goodies...

This little frame ended up costing me about 50 cents I believe and will be great with some new paint!
I thought that given the wide top on this candle holder it would be great as the base for a cake stand (for about 38 cents)..
These two little hobnail candleholders were originally bought to be a base of something else, but after another thrifty purchase today I think I have another place for them. I gave 75 cents for the pair.
I thought this pretty little crystal cup, with its unusual shape, would look good as a candle.. AND it only cost about 13 cents.
I got two of these silver trimmed champagne glasses for $1.50 for the pair. I thought they would look cute on my mantle with a tealight and some buttons in them. AND they feed my silver obsession.
This heavy frame ended up costing me about $1.25 and will be great painted with a nice picture in it.
And another little 13 cent cup to make a candle out of..
And finally, a silver trimmed saucer/plate. It cost about 50 cents and has a nice smooth surface. I may do a monogram.. hmm..

All in all I think I got a really good haul for my first time in!


  1. Great finds! I don't think we have re-stores here but now I'll have to do a search!

  2. I love,love, love the "Habitat" as my sister and I call it...I'll post next Thursday about the 2 chairs I got there yesterday.I was too late for this week's Vintage Thingy Thursday.I'm kind of new at this blogging thing :)

  3. I love the re-store too! It's one of my favorite week-end bargain hunting outings!