Sunday, February 14, 2010

Silver Sunday.. My First Post!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful day!

I've been holding out some of my goodies for this one.. I got some new (old) things on my adventures the past few weeks..

I got these little silver heart earring stands as Valentine gifts.. I thought they were precious and for 50 cents each I couldn't pass them up! Both were just alike.

I got this heart and rose earring holder at the same little booth in a place called Heart's Desire here in Calhoun.. It says $1.50 on it but everything was half off, so for 75 cents I got this great little earring hold. It has a mirror in the top heart!!

I found two of these really small candle sconces at the Salvation army last week for 29 cents each!

I got this pretty little silver tray at the Salvation Army the same day for $1.99.. It's tarnished to perfection.

Here's the beautiful little dish my friend Kay bought me at Goodwill this week! I just love all the fancy little details around it.

I also found these next two pretty trays at Goodwill for a decent deal..


  1. Wonderful silver pieces Pam.

    Glad you are joining in!

    thanks for coming by my place too.


    barbara jean

  2. Ooooh la la what beautiful bling Thanks for paticipating....see you next month!
    {{Gypsy Valentine hugs}}
    Bethyou have!

  3. All Your Silver is so pretty, I really Love the Hearts.... Have a Wonderful Week

  4. As the name of my blog suggests, A Conversation at Goodwill, I love a good find at Goodwill. Love your treasures.