Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ABC's of Me..

I found this over at Mel from JunkinJunky's page and thought it was a great idea.. :)
Here's Me!

Age: 36

Bed Size: Queen

Chore you hate: Making the Bed

Dog’s name: I don't have one..

Essential “start the day” item: Diet Cherry Coke

Favourite colour: Black, red, and purple

Gold or Silver: silver

Height: 5'10"

Instruments you play: Piano, Clarinet, bass clarinet, and a few others

Job Title: Loss Prevention Officer

Kids: None-I'm unable to have any..

Living Arrangements: I live in a 2 bedroom, vintage rock house with fabulous arches, inside and out!

Mom’s Name: I have two moms.. yes I know this is weird.. Adoptive Mom-Nancy, Birth mom-Barb

Nickname: Pam, Pammie, Pammiepoo

Overnight hospital stays: A lot of them when I was a child..I was sickly..

Pet peeve: Beeping, Nextel phones where anyone can hear the entire conversation, being talked down to.

Quote from a movie: "There's no Place Like Home".. Aint it the truth?

Righty of Lefty: Righty

Siblings: One half sister

Time you wake up: 3pm.. I work nights.

Underwear: Yes, please lol

Veggie you dislike: Beets

Ways that make you late: I do not like being late...

X-rays you have had: As a danger-prone person, I am pretty sure everything I "own" has been X-rayed. But just last week, my left arm, my neck, and my left leg, due to my car accident.

Yummy food you make: Cashew chicken, Red beans and rice, Veggie and beef pasta

Zoo animals you like: Anything except monkeys.. I had a monkey grab my glasses off my face and break them once.. I was traumatized!

**On a side note, my arm is still killing me and I'm not sure what's wrong with it yet honestly.. I have to go to 6 weeks of physical therapy though. I hope that helps. I am going to try and do some crafting WITH the brace on anyway.. lol..I miss it!

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