Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Need More Help Ladies... Ruffles

I apologize for not emailing each of you about your ideas, but I get on at work only and I've not figured out how I can do it yet! LOL So please forgive me.. On some things, I'm a simpleton.

But you ladies had awesome ideas. I am in the process of trying a few things out.. Now I need your help again! I am moving on to curtains..

I have fallen in love with ruffles.. well.. I always had an on again/off again romance with them, but I really am loving them right now. They are so dreamy and romantic.. I want ruffled curtains in my bedroom!

I have found MANY that I love the style of, only a few that I can afford, and NONE in my color.. That's right, None.. Zero, zip, zilch. So my little brain has started twitching and turning.. Can curtains be dyed easily? Do they hold color well usually? I really want black curtains.. I know that I overuse black lol but it IS my favorite.. Also, these are for my bedroom and I sleep during the day. Black curtains definitely help with that..

I have found ALL these that I love from urban outfitters, but they are a bit pricey AND the wrong color.. I'm just enclosing the links because Urban Outfitters pics arent "save" friendly.
Waterfall Curtains
Tuxedo Ruffle Curtains
Flounce Ruffle Curtains
But arent they fabulous?

So in my search I ran across these cute and inexpensive ones from Target!! Simple ruffled curtains
And also a ruffled shower curtain at Target that could work.. Pretty Shower Curtain

But would dyeing work? Or do any of you ladies know where I can get relatively-inexpensive black ones?

I could really use your advice on this because the only thing Ive ever dyed was already black, just faded. I really do need to re-learn to sew *sigh*

On another note, I was at Target today and WOW.. That Liberty of London line is FAB-U-LOUS.. I fell in love the the black and white teapot.. I had to keep repeating over and over in my head *curtains curtains* lol

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