Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wreath for my Front Door... Plus....

It's no secret that I am a little "different" sometimes.. Sometimes I just dont want to be like everyone else.. And that's where the vision for my front door wreath started.. With my being different and having a feather obsession..

I drew ideas out over and over and changed my mind so many times that it makes me dizzy just thinking about it. But when I finally took a look at what I had and loved it all took shape..

Then I went looking for something to hang it on.. I KNEW I wanted an iron piece, even if I had to make something.. I got lucky! I found this over-the-door iron wreath holder at Hobby Lobby for $14.99 PLUS half off.. Pretty good for $7.50.. After I got the wreath holder it just all came together.. So different and SO me!

First, I gathered all my materials..

Black spray paint (gloss)
Silver spray glitter
Monogram E (metal one)
Red Spray paint (gloss)
Black ostrich feathers (I used two large ones)
Red ribbon
2 antique silver buttons
Silver damask-like christmas ornament (I chose one with a crystal on the end)
AND Hot glue gun and gluesticks

First I spray painted my wreath black and my monogram "E" red... After the wreath dried I sprayed it with the silver glitter.. After everything was dry I went to work assembling and I plugged in my glue gun.

First I tied my two feathers together with a bit of bow wire (the soft kind used in bowdabras), but anything will do, even a rubber band because it will be covered. Then I tied my bow and slipped the feathers into it, making sure the bow wire was covered..

THEN I took a look at my "E". It had two holes drilled in the side for wiring but I didnt need them so I used antiqued silver buttons to cover the holes and add interest. I hot glued the buttons to the "E" then glued the "E" to the enter of the wreath.. Then I glued my feathers and bow on.. Once everything was secure I took my ornament and looped it over the feathers so it would dangle and could be used again later if I should choose to. I then glued a hanger to the back and once it was all dry I hung it on the door.. viola!~ Im really happy with how it turned out.. :)

And while I was wreath-making I ended up making one for my mother.. I had previously gathered up flowers that matched an arrangement she had done in her house, So I put them all together and made a wreath for her. I took it to her yesterday and she loved it!

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  1. It's lovely and beautiful and even better, it represents you! Good for you for thinking outside of the box and coming up with something so pretty.

  2. That is so unique and creative! Thanks so much for linking up!